Soft and Hard Demo

Get Your Project Underway

Get Your Project Underway

Bay Demo offers comprehensive demolition services including swimming pool demolitions in Walnut Creek, CA

The first step of any major remodeling or construction project is demolition. Whether you're looking at exterior or interior demolition services, you'll want a professional team to get the job done right. Bay Demo manages hard and soft demolition work in Walnut Creek, CA. With all the right tools for the job, including concrete saws and jackhammers, we know how to tackle any demolition project.

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Wondering if you need soft or hard demo services?

Soft and hard demolition covers two different kinds of demolition work. Soft demo typically applies to remodeling or small construction projects. This includes interior demolition of materials that don't directly contribute to the structure of the building, like drywall, flooring and fixtures. Hard demolition completely removes an entire structure. Using heavy equipment, our team will tear down the old building on your property.

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